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(speech stats according to the State of the Union Drinking Game 2003)
He's Number One
Rudderless Brooklyn
Week 1, Day 6
Wednesday, Jan 29, 2003
The Post American Idol Show
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Thank god for American Idol. Without it, we'd never have taken a break from our hours of toiling to get this web site up and running. Hard to believe we'll miss the entire second season -- I wonder if it's in the budget to get satellite TV in the Badunkadunk?

And how about that stroke of PR genius at the White House to piggyback the State of the Union Address right after America's new favorite surreptitiously-scripted-but-made-to-look-like-reality show? The White House folks have even caught on to the reality show formula - read the script but make it look spontaneous. Well, we thought Bush could quite possibly be the worst orator in the world. It was ghastly.

We had a few other thoughts about Bush's speech, but in the interest of keeping the travlein' site about the travels, we relegated the political commentary to our blogs:

"Anyway, what honked me off the most about this speech was the environmental crap."
» Anthony's blog

"Toward the end there I was really thinking Bush was going to shock us all and declare war, but he fooled us again. Master tricksy."
» Liz's blog

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