Brooklyn, NY
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Soaps made: 24
Bars remaining: 13
Good Duck Bad Duck
Rudderless Brooklyn
Week 1, Day 5
Tuesday, Jan 28, 2003
Soap Duds
N 40°39.887 W 73°59.041

Way back when the Badunkadunk was a word we almost never used, we hit upon the idea to make a product called Soap on a Road. You know, like Soap on a Rope but with a twist: the soap would be shaped like a VW bus and placed upon a road-resembling dish. Voila...Soap on a Road.

It seemed the perfect impetus for a road trip. Make the soap, sell it on the road. We'd have a little traveling lab equipped with all our soap-making materials. We'd co-opt rest area bathrooms to brew up more and more batches of our soap that has taken the festivals and farmer's markets by storm. Our cottage industry would flourish with Soap on a Road replacing Soap on a Rope as a household name. The plan was flawless, except for one thing. It's really hard to make soap in the shape of a VW bus.

So we just made some standard rectangular bars and, forgoing the craft market route, we'll be offering the soap, as gifts, to family and friends whose showers we use along the way. (Future west coast hosts, due to anticipated demand in the eastern and central states, the soap may no longer be available by the time we visit your tubs. Just wanted to warn you in advance.)

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