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You know how some sites manage to come up with something that so grabs people that everybody starts emailing links to all their friends and coworkers and such, and before you know it the site is getting like a billion hits a day and the people who made it are on the Today show and making out with celebrities or they have their own pasta sauce suddenly, or something like that? Well, we really want that to happen to us, so we're going to try.

We don't want your pity, though. Email this stuff to your friends if you find it interesting, funny, or unbelievably stupid, not just to start a trend. Okay, really, do whatever you want.

The Gimmicks Thus Far

Cartoons: A series, mostly entirely theoretical so far, of the best damn weird cartoons you ever saw. go »

Stuff Anthony Seen: While driving, stuff will tend to come into my field of vision. Here, I'll write about some of it. Need I say more? go »