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Thursday, March 6, 2003 - Day 35

The new engine arrived today! We're so proud.

Of course, there's quite a difference between the teeny, shiny new motor and the great hulking mess that is our old engine. You really can't even see the old motor under all the sheet metal, air intakes, fuel injection wiring and assorted whatnot. Now begins the slow process of turning this into this, with only one of these.

As you can see, we did manage to rip off the fuel injector octopus and the job looks more friendly now.

If you think that was boring, check this out:

While we were waiting for the engine to show up, we tried unsuccessfully to wash the Badunk. Unsuccessful because the old girl is just so, well, old, that no amount of scrubbing will make her shine. We briefly considered a paint job, but then remembered that we're hemorrhaging money at an alarming rate, and we haven't really gone anywhere yet, so that was out.

Tomorrow: more of the same.

Meanwhile, check out a selection of photos taken by Anthony's 3 year old niece Lauren.

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And a couple of his nephew Morgan leaping like a strange elf.

jump munchkin jump

elf it up
more photos in the archives »

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