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Cooter, Eat Your Heart Out
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Friday, March 14, 2003 - Day 43

The engine is in, the transmission mounts are messed up, the anxiety is mounting.

Last night we raised the engine/transmission mess backup into the car. It nearly fit! The only problem was the transmission we got isn't exactly stock, and it's slightly longer than the old one, so it don't fit so good by about 5 centimeters. Oooooh, thos five centimeters!

We'll get that worked out though. On the whole, things are good. We might try to crank her up tomorrow.

Taking a car apart really gives you an appreciation for how many things could go wrong, and what a miracle it is that these things ever make it down the block, let alone chug along for 23 years. We're going to have a key-turning ceremony, everyone will gather around, and it seems like there's a really good chance nothing will happen. Or something will happen, but not what we want to happen, which is she'll start up, purring like a kitten. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Other news: The "Wheels" section of the site is launched, devoted and dedicated entirely to our beloved Badunkadunk. More details on the engine operation, for those who may want them, are or soon will be available there. We're retiring, for now, our blogs. We weren't posting to them and had little intention of doing so. It seemed redundant. Anyway, Anthony would have filled pages and pages with political tirades, and nobody wants that.

Oooh, sweet paint job.

Bend Over, Badunk. Now Cough.

And she's in!
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