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Brunswick, GA
Miles Today: 225.6
Total Miles: 3428.3
Days on the Road: 95
Pork Butt par excellence
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Cinco de QUE CALOR!
N 31°11.086 W 81°32.585
Monday, May 5, 2003 - Day 95

They say it's worth a trip from anywhere in the state. Best pit BBQ in the south. Perhaps in the whole country, which would probably mean the world, since it doesn't seem there's a lot of pulled pork going on in, say, Lebanon.

Well they may be right. The pork was dee-licious, and the service was so gruff and unpleasant we really felt unwelcome. It added to the whole feeling, which was one of driving up to someone's shack in the woods and demanding to eat their food. Also, you're a tourist from a part of the country they most likely don't recognize. In any case, the pork was dee-licious. The macaroni salad, not as much.

Just up the road from the GA Pig is the Smallest Church in America. This was also as advertised: really, really small. Some recently graduated girls from Florida in a white mustang drove up after us and declared it, "the cutest thing EVER!". There was a book on the pulpit with people's letters to god, which was a bit strange. A favorite: "Dear God, please help me with these awful panic attacks." And of course, "God please bless George W. Bush". The sign on the donations box exhorting people to please stop cutting the lock with the penciled-in addition, "If you break the lock, you're stealing from god" was also quite good. A worthy stop, if you happen to be on that road. Also, it would be a great practical joke to plan your wedding there and not tell anyone about the size. Just say "Christ's Chapel in Memory Park, near Darien, GA".

Last but not least on this wonderful stretch of US-17 was a freaky hippy camp. The "Hostel in the Forest" consists of two or three geodesic domes and at least 10 treehouses on 100 acres of swampy loveliness right off the highway. It's really a very nice place, and about the weirdest thing you ever saw (aforementioned church included). It would be a great place for a party, and from the looks of it, that's pretty much what it is. We were eyed suspiciously by the staff, perhaps our clothes were too clean (hard to believe). We decided against staying, though it would have made a great book. Anthony didn't think he could handle the daily "thanks circle" or the meditation sessions in the glass house.

On to Florida...



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