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Miami Beach, FL
Miles Today: 193.2
Total Miles: 3868.7
Days on the Road: 98

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Gay as a Whistle
Dude, that air guitar rocks.
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Mailboxes, um, etc.
N 25°47.754 W 80°12.012
Thursday, May 8, 2003 - Day 98

Some people say it's the fishing, some people say the surfing is great, for others it's just the beauty of the ocean, the beach. Then of course there's the weather. Who doesn't like to sweat off 3 pounds standing still in the shade? There are a thousand reasons to visit Florida, and just as many to leave. We're trying not to focus on the latter category for at least another week, when the swarms of tourists (that would be us), miles of indistinguishable beach front development, and mosquitoes (they carry knives down here, repellant has no effect on them, one stole Liz's backpack) will surely drive us off into the cool breezes of Alabama.

But enough of that, here come the mailbox photos!!

(Again, don't forget to check back a few days. There's more, some good ones! We worked ever-so-hard.)

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