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Nashville, TN
Miles Today: 112.8
Total Miles: 5991.6
Days on the Road: 118

Mad Props to...

Nathan for fixing our headlights. And the whole family for putting us up.
Wait, wait... I think I hear something.
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Man Kicks Safe, Dies
N 36°09.954 W 86°47.064
Wednesday, May 28, 2003 - Day 118
"This car is making me crazy." - Liz

Who likes whiskey? We like whiskey! Well, to be honest, Liz doesn't like it, but what can you do? Her tastes are highly suspect. Witness the company she keeps.

Back to the whiskey. Despite having an unusually (and unfairly, if we may editorialize) high number of "dry" counties, Tennessee and Kentucky also have some mighty fine distilleries. So far, we've visited one. And counting.

The large safe you see here is significant in the history of American, and more specifically Tennesseean, whiskey in the following way: It killed Jack Daniel. It didn't drop on him Road Runner style, though we would have loved to hear that story, but it turns out he kicked it when he forgot the combination, broke his toe, got gangrene and died. The moral? Ah, who cares.

Rather than rattle off statistics about Jack Daniel's (2nd best selling whiskey in the world behind Johnny Walker, stock of over 70 million gallons in Lynchburg, the only place it's made, sugar maple charcoal filtering is what makes it "Tennessee"), we'll discuss the wonderful accents in this part of the country. Think a combination of Deep South redneck drawl and Maine lobsterman incomprehensibility. "Wun hyundfred an' fitty fyowsin burrels. Smells lahk muney." It's all in the nose. Might help to stick a whistle up there.

As for Nashville, we must say we were under-impressed. Big cities are a chore, really, unless we know someone who can give us a place to stay and show us around. Otherwise we see some tourist stuff, which usually looks like most other tourist stuff, that is, covered in tourists, spend loads of money, and leave. Nashville was like that. Country Music Hall of Fame? Nice, too expensive, cold. Broadway shops and bars? Overpriced, touristy, and generally crappy. Skyline? Too pointy. Surrounding area? Suburban nightmare. So we left.

Now before we start getting lots of emails from angry Nashvillians and/or Nashville sympathizers, please bear in mind that we're not saying Nashville has nothing to offer, only that we don't care.

Good night and bless your little pea-pickin' hearts.

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