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Denver, CO
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Total Miles: 10,816.0
Days on the Road: 172
Sleeping, a favorite hobby.
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Blackhawk Up, Down, Up, Down, Down, Down
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Wednesday, July 23, 2003 - Day 172

We must apologize for the terrible delay in getting updates on the site. We're hanging out here in Denver, you see, and not much is going on, really. As Liz is fond of saying, "What are we going to write about? How we hang around the house watching Jerry Springer, plotting pretend political careers and trying to launch ourselves into the world of freelance journalism? Nobody wants to read that shit." She's probably right.

Right or not, that's the way it is. Another factor is our recent exploits in fourteener-land. We climbed that one mountain, and wow, it was such a thrill that everything else in life just started to feel empty and meaningless. How can we seriously be expected to worry about our "car" and our "website" and how "we're almost totally broke" when we've tasted life in the dizzying ether? Unless you've spent the better part of two hours walking comfortably up a well-blazed trail, you may not be able to understand the new world in which we now live. We love it up here, but it can be hard to relate to others; to you ground-dwellers, but we will try. For you.

Sorry about that. In actual news, we've been mountain biking, exploring the mountains, and entertaining Liz's mother. Our primary entertainment was a trip to Blackhawk, a small antique mining town which, when the gold in them thar hills ran out, apparently realized that there was much more jingling around in the pockets of senior citizens. Good call.

Just as Anthony was about halfway through his early winnings of 650 nickles, lightning struck and the power went out. We all went out in the rain, along with all the other idiots in town, and found the one casino with a backup generator. Nickles came, and nickles went, and then they went, and then went some more. At some point, there were no nickles left. We even tried our hands at blackjack, making complete asses out of ourselves by demonstrating that we had no idea how to play blackjack. We lost all of our allotted losing money, but made up for it by downing about 25 free bloody marys.

Coming out of the mountains on the way home, we pulled up behind an old truck sitting in the left turn lane. The light turned green, the truck didn't move. Liz's brother-in-law pulled up alongside the truck and we noticed that the driver was slumped over the wheel, either dead or dead drunk. Or really, really tired. Anthony and Liz's sister got out and went around to his door, opened it and woke him up. The man seemed a bit confused, as if he had just been woken up from a deep sleep and found himself drunk as a monkey in his truck, with several strangers yapping at him.

Liz spoke some Spanish to him, and he attempted to marry her. Anthony moved the guy over and drove the truck to a deserted side road and told the guy to sleep it off. He then tried to marry Anthony.

We have also undertaken two home-improvement projects. The Badunkadunk got a brand new starter solenoid, which improves it in the sense that the engine now starts with nothing more than a turn of the key. Modern technology is truly amazing. Our second project was more of a property value improvement, as shown in these before and after pictures. We know it's not the first VW with hardwood floors because we stole the idea outright from a guy named Max, but it's still damn cool.

We're in the market for a nice throw rug and a rocking chair, but that will have to wait until the get-rich-quick schemes are finalized.

We really haven't been taking many pictures lately. Sorry. Perhaps you will enjoy some of our old ones, I bet you've forgotten about that big snowstorm.

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