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Owings Mills, MD
Miles Today: 0
Total Miles: 359.7
Days on the Road: 15

That's Just Disgusting
Diameter of Largest Pizza Ever: 140 ft.
Pizzas sold in the US each year: 3 billion
Pizza eaten each day in the US, expressed in terms of land area: 100 acres
Rate at which you'd have to consume pizza if you were the only American, and wanted to keep this pace up: 350 slices per second
The age-old Pizza Packing Problem: Solved.
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Hot Crusty Love
N 39°23.878 W 76°48.807
Friday, Feb 14, 2003 - Day 15

It's Valentine's Day, so after exchanging cards in the morning, we headed out for a romantic lunch at Pizza Hut. They have that new Stuffed Crust Gold, which not only has cheese right inside the crust, but cheddar melted to a crispy golden crisp on the outside. Cheese-Bread-Cheese. And that's just the crust. Nothing says Valentine's Day like 7 forms of cheese.

The booths were so wide we had to yell to hear each other, and the atmosphere was really only sub-par, if you can believe that. A couple of army guys were in the corner discussing how and when one is allowed to wear a Special Forces patch (which is not to be confused with a Special Forces tab) and the waitress didn't speak English as far as we could tell, though she was obviously American.

Things were looking grim until we discovered the cup full of crayons (colors: cerulean, shamrock, cerise and vivid tangerine) and the activity sheet on the back of the placemats. Now it's Valentine's Day.

Liz's Word Search

Anthony's Word Search
Liz won, she found "Pepper" first. There was some controversy, but Anthony had to eventually relent, it being Valentine's Day and all. Who puts pepper on a pizza though, really? Peppers, sure. But not pepper. Red pepper, okay, but just pepper? Please.

Pizza Poetry. We were given a list of pizza-related words and told to write a poem, trying to use as many as we could, and each only once. Liz added words. Again, controversy ensued.

Liz's Poem
Mom's got sauce
but Dad is boss.
I smell pizza with cheese.
Can you share that sausage please?
I is hungry,
want more hot crust,
share and make me happy or I bust
and melt your delicious pepperoni face.
Anthony's Haiku
Mom make Dad happy
hot delicious eat crust sauce
more hungry share cheese

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