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Harper's Ferry, WV
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The outside of a closed historical treasure
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The Wild Gray Yonder
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Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003 - Day 26

Since the car doesn't work, why not take an airplane?

Man, we should have thought of this earlier. No traffic, nice view, and the engine is in tip-top shape. It better be.

Anthony's Dad was nice enough to wrest us from the surly bonds of earth today and fly us out to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, site of John Brown's raid and many, many other historical-type events, too numerous to mention here. Okay, they're not too numerous to mention, I just don't feel like it.

Harper's Ferry has a swell National Historic Park, which itself has a swell old-timey town on the banks of the river. Since it's the height of the off season, no one was there, just a few park rangers looking at us like we were nuts.

"Anything to eat around here?"
"Oh, no. Not this time of year. I think they're all closed up. You might try the pizza place up by the highway."

Actually, we did find a little place to eat over a rousing game of checkers, just like they did in olden times. Alas, the dry goods store was closed, so no licorice ropes, no penny candy, no handfuls of molasses.

snow covered sprawl

it's quiet...

too quiet
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