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Cherokee, NC
Miles Today: 115.2
Total Miles: 2218.7
Days on the Road: 79
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He Stole My Pic-a-nic Basket!
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The Road To Nowhere Good
N 35°43.488 W 83°29.60
Saturday, April 19, 2003 - Day 79

Out of Asheville, we headed down the last stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway, which was spoooooooooky. Clouds engulfed the Badunk, visibility dropped to nada, and we suddenly didn't feel so bad for going 25 miles per hour up those hills. The Jeep behind us didn't even seem to mind.

Over the pass and through some tunnels, the sky brightened just as we hit the highest point on the parkway. Yay! Our first major North American summit!

Unfortunately, once we did get over the mountain and into the valley, we found ourselves in Cherokee, North Carolina, a probably-not-unique example of a town on an Indian Reservation that takes great pains to exploit its heritage. Now we're not saying they can't do whatever they want with their heritage, and I'm sure they need the money, but it's just really tacky. Maybe they could do it up nicer, with some class, ya know? We're not being all high-horse liberal or morally superior, we just thought it was ugly. Oh, and the casino stole money from us unmercifully.

No Luck

The Tractor Story

Teepee Land Mini Golf
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