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Lake Martin, AL
Miles Today: 0
Total Miles: 5620.8
Days on the Road: 114
Ruben Mania Takes Over Alabama. In other news, terrorists in your back yard.

Discovered James Nicknames

Morning Moose

we suggest Buster
Guacamole. You got a problem with that?
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Sweet Home
N 32°50.732 W 86°00.181
Saturday, May 24, 2003 - Day 114

This page started out as an entry for the 22nd, then it was the 23rd. We tried to get it out for the 24th, but now we're pushing 25. Why such a lackadaisical attitude? Well, it's hard to really care in the state we're in. Alabama, that is.

We wouldn't have thought it, but the Yellowhammer State is just so damn relaxing, we're having a lot of trouble leaving. There is one major reason for this: the Abele family and the true meaning of Southern Hospitality.

James' family has put us up in their beautiful Birmingham home, and then invited us to join them at their lake house a bit south of there. We've been sitting in rocking chairs, sipping various intoxicants, and being treated to some terrific food. Oh, and then there's the waterskiing, knee-boarding, late night boat floats, and the grits, oh lord the grits. These kinds of rest stops are a double-edged sword, of course: it's a great break from the relentless hum of the road, but it's becoming exceedingly difficult for us to pry ourselves away. Note to future hosts: kick us out.

We also got to visit one of the most remarkable houses ever. Gardens inspired by Shakespeare and Alice in Wonderland, waterfalls, life sized chess board, tree houses, and a wine cellar built into the hillside. Examine this picture. See how the man-made island in the foreground appears the same size, in perspective, as the natural island in the distance? That's not an accident.

Tomorrow we must unfortunately pull ourselves away and hit the road again. But hey, we might not be able to waterski, and we may have to make our margaritas from a powdered mix, but at least we have each other. Right? Right.

Liz has wicked skeelz.

Every house should have a rope swing.

Jay is impressed, nay, dumbfounded.
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