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Owings Mills, MD
Miles Traveled: 193
Days on the Road: 2

Number of Times We've Gotten Lost: 1
It Begins...
Week 2, Day 3
Sunday, Feb 2, 2003
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Live Alive
N 39°23.878 W 76°48.807

The big news today is, of course, that you're reading this. We've finally stopped messing around with every little thing and made the site live. From here on, you can all watch as we make a complete mess of it. We don't have a clear vision, we haven't really thought out the organization or the theme or even the tone. We're not sure about the title, we're not sure we're going to want to keep this up for very long, but we have a strange determination to do so no matter what. You will either benefit or suffer, we can't really say. But boy howdy, it's gonna be some party.

I know this first post leaves much to be desired. I know this. But listen, we've worked really hard on so many other areas of the site, including filling out the past week with entries for your amusement. Please, go explore. Tell your friends. And of course, tell us. We'd love to hear what you think.

Funny Story: In New York, when you're moving and you have stuff you want to get rid of, you don't have to wait around for bulk trash day or haul it to the dump or to the Salvation Army. You just put it on the sidewalk. When it gets dark, people start crawling over it like rats, picking apart the pile. Friday we left out a huge amount of crap that we didn't want, some of it quite nice, for crap. We had really wanted to set up a video camera to do a time lapse of the pile shrinking to nothing, it would have been great, but unfortunately Liz's video camera is still MIA, so no luck. Someone steal that idea, it's a good one. Anyway, the neighborhood turned out in force for our unannounced giveaway, and by the time we left, at least half of the giant pile was gone. One couple really scored when they found the bottle of cooking rum and half bottle of Triple Sec. A reggae dude and his friend scored the obsolete scanner, and a carload of Puerto Ricans made off with several chairs, a light bulb from a lamp (but not the lamp), and a new backpack to replace the one stolen from their son the day before. We watched from our window above, happy to be giving back to the community from which we've taken so so much.

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