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Still Where We Were Before
Miles Today: 0
Total Miles: 359.7
Days on the Road: 12

Peanuts: 812
Beers: 4
Glasses of Wine: 4
Can it be true?
No, it's not.
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Four Score and Yesterday Afternoon
N 39°23.878 W 76°48.807
Tuesday, Feb 11, 2003 - Day 12

Yes, we're still in Baltimore. Owings Mills, more accurately. We're taking the car into Desmond's, the world-renowned Volkswagon dude for the Baltimore area, tomorrow, so maybe then we'll have more information. Right now, it doesn't seem like we're on the road at all. In fact, we're not. We wake up at 11, wander downstairs to have some coffee and maybe do the crossword puzzle, then work on the web site or some internship application until it gets dark. Once it's dark, we can start drinking.

After a couple of cocktails, Anthony's parents get home and the onslaught of food begins. That usually ends around 10 or so, and it's off to bed or to work on the web site some more. You think this thing just creates itself? No, in fact it doesn't. The process actually involves a lot of cursing.

Maybe we'll see a movie tonight. We hear that "About Schmidt" is good, got that Jack Nicholson guy, and dark clouds over his head. He's good at that. We saw the Greek Fat Wedding yesterday and it was good. Cute, family-like. It made Liz miss her mom and want to get married.

How are you?

Oh, that movie yesterday. We went in the afternoon, which is normal where we come from, but I guess in this suburb there aren't as many unemployed folks as there are in Brooklyn, so it was, like, totally empty. The guy who waited on us at the concession stand was obviously new, he asked us three times which kind of soda we wanted (Sprite) and when we ordered nachos I think he crapped himself. "Uhhh.. nachos.. ooookkkaaay..." Visions of scalding cheese were dancing in his eyes, he had no idea what nachos were or how it was that he had suddenly found himself in a position to be responsible for their preparation. He got through it fine, though, thank god for microwaveable little cheese cups.

Thank god only for him though; for us those little cheese cups were a damn pain. You'd think for $7.75 they could at least pick at the foil for you, getting boiling cheese sauce all over their hands, but no, it was us. All he had to do was punch some buttons and ask for help; we had an epic struggle with the glued-on foil.

Our spirits were buoyed, however, when we walked into the theater: Not only did it have big leather chairs and little tables that pulled out, but there was no one else there! We danced around at the thought of having the whole theater to ourselves. Think of the possibilities! We could totally make out. Alas, it was not to be. Two people came in; one was normal, the other liked to shake her popcorn for 20 seconds at 5 minute intervals and talk to herself. Made it feel like home.

The lights went down so they could announce the "Pre-Show Countdown!", which consisted of a Coke commercial, another Coke commercial, and Sir Edmund Hillary comparing his ascent of Mt. Everst to the pleasure and satisfaction one gets from owning a Toyota. Finally, mercifully, the movie began, and all was almost forgotten.

Wow, that wedding really is fat.
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