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Baltimore, MD
Miles Today: 0
Total Miles: 359.7
Days on the Road: 14

Likely Miles Tomorrow: 0
Day After That: 0
This guy seems excited about the whole thing. Oh wait, he has Cheese Sticks.
(That guy is actually Anthony's Dad. Happy Birthday Dad!)
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Badunkadunk's Sunk (Vanagone)
N 39°23.878 W 76°48.807
Thursday, Feb 13, 2003 - Day 14

Well it's finally happened. Finally after one week. We've had two Volkswagon mechanics look at the Badunkadunk, and the news is not good. Neither of them recommended driving her out of town, much less across the country. She needs a new engine and probably some transmission work. The most reputable VW shop in Baltimore told us they would just get rid of it, not worth putting money into.

The problem is, she still runs. Not well, not well at all, but runs. So far she gets us where we need to go, though it must be said that in the past week that hasn't been anywhere. So our decision becomes do we take her out back and shoot her, or pretend everything's fine and go on our merry way, stopping every 200 miles or so to feed her a quart or two of oil? Many could make a good case for either option.

Erik, for example, Anthony's super-mechanical pilot owns-his-own-welding-rig friend in Alaska, would have this thing running in no time. Or in some time, and with much effort, but running nonetheless. She might end up with a shovel-rake being used as the driveshaft, but she'd run. But that's Erik.

We think we've elected to go with the Old Yeller option. Badunkadunk will likely go the way of the dodo. We figure we'll never be very comfortable expecting the car to die at any moment, and certainly won't want to venture too far off the beaten path with a motor we don't trust in the slightest.

So what does this mean? The search for Badunkadunk Jr. has already begun. Stay tuned. We'll need everyone's input. Hey, maybe we'll have a contest for Old Yeller (formerly the Badunkadunk). Guess how many babies can fit in a tire, that sort of thing.

this one?
maybe this blurry one? ooooh... purty

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