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Chiefland, FL
Miles Today: 128.4
Total Miles: 4765.1
Days on the Road: 106

Longest Day So Far: May 14
Distance Covered: 373.2 miles
Armadillos: 3
Anyone want to tell us what this is? Are there polar bears in western Florida?
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Boring Update
N 29°29.919 W 82°58.552
Friday, May 16, 2003 - Day 106

Hi everybody. This is the picture we should have had on our Key West page but we didn't get it until too late, and were too busy sipping margaritas by the pool to really care. Better late than never, here it is, the requisite southernmost scooter shot.

Our last day in the Conch Republic was spent somewhere else. We took a boat out to Dry Tortguas National Park, a small group of islands 70 miles west of Key West. It wasn't exactly the middle of nowhere, but we could see it from there.

Dry Tortugas was (and we trust still is) stunningly beautiful. Crystal clear waters, gazillions of neato birds, sea turtles, a gift shop, and a monster brick fort which used to house the doctor who set John Wilkes Booth's leg when he broke it jumping to the stage after killing Lincoln. They let him go after he saved everyone (well, a few people anyway) from Yellow Fever by knocking big holes in the walls. This has been your history lesson for the day. There will be no quiz.

We did some more snorkeling at Dry Tortugas, and even took some underwater pictures with one of those underwater camera dealies. Unfortunately, it was some kind of weird, old type of camera where you have to take it to a drugstore and wait at least an hour before you can even see your photos, much less put them on your web site. The process seems daunting, and we haven't tackled it yet.

Fast forward: We left Key West after a heaping slice of pie, cruised across alligator alley (Check out this picture. Vultures eating a big, dead alligator. They had pulled his skull right out through the top of his head. Wicked gnarly.), and up the west coast to Clearwater to visit Anthony's aunt and become . (Curious? email us.

Today we're in Manatee Springs State Park. There is an actual spring and we went swimming in. S'beautiful. You know how your favorite places are often the ones you don't plan to visit but just stumble upon? We know that too.

Please to enjoy lovely photographs.

Lovely Swimmin' Hole, Lovely Lady

Lovely Loveliness

Lovely Leprosy Carrying Armadillo
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