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Saturday, August 30, 2003 - Day 211

For those who missed it, Rich left the following comment on our last post:

... many days since last post, are we to conclude:

a. they are in california
b. they are employed
c. the many full sobig mailboxes from dozers has them stymied.
d. none of the above.
c. all of the above.

Wrong on all counts.

Actually, he was right about the second c, "all of the above." This of course includes "none of the above", which means that we are both in California and not; employed and unemployed; stymied by worms and stymieing other creatures.

To be more precise, we're in VEGAS!! Baby!! It's California, but not California, in the sense that everyone here looks like they fell right out of "Elimidate", "Blind Date", "Fifth Wheel", "Shipmates", "The Bachelor 3: All Mud Wrestling", and the new hit "Marry Me Or Die Trying", on which women and men compete in a series of life-threatening stunts to prove their desire to marry perfect strangers until only two are left standing, who are then poisoned in a live 3-hour finale. We saw a woman last night, likely some kind of android, whose boobs (well, you know, they weren't really boobs) seemed to actually fall upwards, threatening to hit her in the chin at any moment. It's a new aesthetic, we suppose. The complex (and might we add quite nice) shape of the actual human breast being too hard to render, it seems people have taken to just making them absolutely round, like beach balls.

We're currently employed as full-time gamblers for the weekend, which is the only way we can maintain the stream of free, mind-numbingly watered down cocktails which is necessary to stay successful, and apathetic, in this line of work. This is also obviously not actual employment, unless we win, in which case it is, and more.

Anthony's mailbox is quite pissed off about that So Big crap, and when he meets the little bastard that did it, he's planning to lecture him sternly before smushing rotting cantelopes into his face.

There's no time to upload all of our photos, or to relate all the adventures we've had since Moab. These things will have to wait. Time is money, money is power, power is love, love is wisdom, wisdom is betting the whole stack on black.

So, to sum up: Vegas, Baby, Photos Later, Egg Sandwich Now.

If anyone has a bet they want us to place, send an email. (This bet should be on a game that we understand, which would be, like, Roulette. Or maybe that big wheel thing.) If you win, we'll reply to your email telling you so, and spend your money on something nice, like a new muffler.


At long last, the Vegas Pictures.

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