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Liz with our "place in line" cards. Note liz's ulimately tragic optimism.
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The Price is Wrong
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Friday, September 5, 2003 - Day 217

Have we mentioned our latest scheme to make money, to possibly keep this trip going a little while longer, or maybe buy a house or something? Probably we have mentioned it, but it bears repeating: game shows. We're in L.A. now, and this, as far as we can tell, is how people make money out here. It's either that or work in an office, or some kind of service job, or self-employment, or prostitution. Obviously, game shows is the way to go. In one afternoon, you could potentially win thousands of dollars, perhaps tens of thousands, and maybe some carpeting.

Our first stop was The Price is Right. Liz procured tickets to this traditional extravaganza a few weeks ago. The taping is at 4:30, so naturally, they suggest you arrive before 6 a.m. The ticket, as one is continuously reminded, does not guarantee entry. Tickets are routinely given out in excess of capacity and unfortunately, some nice folks will have to be turned away, home-made t-shirt or no.

We knew all this before hand. We had done our research. We arrived at CBS studios, with Liz's mom in tow, at 6:30, ready to rock. Unfortunately, 272 people had arrived before us. We were given little pink cards with numbers 273-275 and told to sit on a nice, metal bench just like the bleachers in high school. We waited. And waited.

At about 8:30, they made the sad announcement that anyone with a number over 195 would be given "stand-by" tickets and could return to the studio at noon to find out if they could get in. Those with numbers under 195 had to return at 10:30. Our tickets were marked SB78-SB80, and we went for breakfast. Try the Fiesta Omelet, it's delicious.

We wandered around the Farmer's Market, buying useless crap like handheld, electronic Yahtzee!, and read some magazines. We also played some Friend's trivia, with such brain-busters as "In the first episode, what did Rachel run into Central Perk wearing? and What was Ross' monkey's name?*

We lined up according to our numbers, again, and waited, again. Speculation in the stand-by line was rampant and completely unsupported by any facts. It seemed pretty unlikely that we were getting in, there were only 4 people behind us in line, and the word was the studio held 350, max. The people who had already been given price tag name tags were into the 300's already, and they hadn't started the stand-by line. At 12:15, the announcement came. Stand-by people with numbers over 40, you're out. Crap.

On the way out of the studio, before picking up some tickets for a taping in two weeks (we're not giving up THAT easily), we asked some people for advice and were told to arrive MUCH earlier than 6. 4:30 was mentioned as a solid time. The person with number 1 had been there since 12:30 last night.

So there will be no "Come On Down" for us today. No Plinko, none of that cool mountaineer yodeling game, no putting for dollars, no punching paper numbers, no big wheel, no Showcase Showdown. But we live to come on down another day, and if it means we have to sit on the sidewalk with a bunch of weirdos from Ohio at 4 a.m., we'll do it. Maybe.


The patriotism was unintentional, but it might have worked.

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Answers: a wedding dress; Marcel
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