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Finally, someone wrote to us and accused us of being horrible people. Anthony replied, and a series of hilarious judgements and insults followed. Presented for your amusement, The Jerk Files.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2003 - Day 229

If we did this more often, there wouldn't be so many things to catch up on. We could have a nice, coherent story about one our little adventures, instead of one of these rambling, jumpy round-up kinds of things.

We could write about how we saw Wil Wheaton (that's Gordy from Stand By Me and Wesley Crusher from Star Trek) do improv. We could dive into our analysis of the surprising mediocrity of the performing arts in Los Angeles. We could describe our encounter with one of the candidates for Governor of California, and our first experience watching a big-time boxing match. And of course, we could bore you silly with absurdly detailed accounts of our car problems.

Hell, let's do it anyway.

Friday night, Anthony was doing his five-times-daily round of political blog reading, when he noticed an odd, maybe even disturbing, trend. Many of the site linked to a site called wilwheaton.net. Wil Wheaton? The Star Trek guy? Gordy? It seems that Mr. Wheaton has his own little web site, and a blog, and it's not one of those "Hey, I'm a (sort-of) celebrity! Read my ridiculous chatter!" sites, it's as if he's just a regular guy. Which, it turns out, he is.

Not that we met him, though it would have been easy enough. We saw him and his friends do some improv though, and it was decidedly "ennnh". We never like to criticize improvised theater too much, because we admire anyone who tries it, but we've seen better. Dave Johnson, for example, is better.

Our initial assumption was that being in Los Angeles, the quality of the theater arts would be somewhat high. Our single experience with the theater here has convinced us that this is not so. There are so many people here who want to be famous, that inevitably, most of them suck. It must also have something to do with the focus on film and television, as opposed to New York's focus on theater. Theater has little room for error, while tv and movies can just do it over and over again until they get it right. Or just use a computer to put a glint in someone's eye or replace their feet with egg beaters. So New York is better than LA for yet another reason.

In the end, we respect Wil Wheaton. Not necessarily for his acting, though we don't disrespect him for that, but because his web site is his own, he talks about politics and junk, and he seems like a regular guy. And he wrote a book.

From the stage to the square circle to the governors mansion

Saturday night we watched the De La Hoya - Mosley boxing fight at the apartment of Jim Vandeventer, candidate for governor of California (who isn't?). We generally like to keep this site politics-free for some reason, even though it's all we ever think, talk, or read about, but we're prepared to make an exception in Jim's case. Not specifically because we think he'd make a good governor, but because he fed us. Also, he's honest, idealistic, and thus far uncorrupted. If he were the governor, we're fairly confident that he wouldn't deliberately ruin people's lives or threaten the future of our democracy. These days, that's pretty good. We don't live in California, but if we did, we might vote for Jim. Coming from us, that's about as rousing an endorsement as you're gonna get.

As for the boxing, it was a good fight, apparently. We don't know anything about boxing, but we know two guys beating the hell out of each other when we see it, and that's what happened.

Now, let's talk about the car. Yesterday the Badunk had her first ride (that we know of) hanging from the back of a tow truck. It's not that she won't run, she will, every now and then, but we got tired of stalling every 3 blocks in LA traffic and waiting 20 minutes before she would start again. The towing is free, thanks to our somewhat decent (but politically correct) auto club, so we gave up and called for help. We have 3 weeks to get her running reliably again, or we're taking the bus from here on.

Don't miss our first hate mail. Good times.

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