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I've never been one for fancy cars, fancy hairdos, fancy pants, or fancy shower heads, but I gotta say something here. Fancy cars, some of them, do have their advantages.
To wit: we've been driving around for the past few days in Liz's brother's BMW 330ci. Yesterday we drove up the coast to Santa Monica. Woo Doggies.
The best thing about this car is the little things. Sure it drives like a car should drive, handles great, is really frickin' fast, and has well-placed cup holders, but the little details make it sweet. For instance, when you put it in reverse, the right side mirror pivots downward and inward so you can see the curb and park more easily. It has a GPS navigation system that tells us where the closes In 'n Out Burger is, and has helped us avoid LA traffic hightmares several times. When you speed up, the radio volume increases, and then turns down again when you slow down. The rearview mirror automatically dims at night when it detects bright headlights behind you. When you unlock the doors, the windows roll down a fraction of an inch so that when you lose them, the air pressure change doesn't annoy. Isn't that cool?
So anyway, kudos to them BMW folks, they make a fine automobile. And special kudos to Chris for letting us (me) drive it for a couple days. I had forgotten that driving can be fun. It even makes Milo seem somehow more tolerable.
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Friday, September 5, 2003 - Day 218

We don't have much of anything to say about our visit to the Getty Museum (though we do have some nice pictures), we just came up with the title, and wanted to use it.

The museum was nice, architecturally fabu, and distinctly museum-like. In other words, there's too much to look at in a week, let alone half of a day, not to mention all the stuff you have to read. Standing up. We had those audio guide things, which helped to explain what a "photograph" is and how one might stretch goat skin into a suitable writing surface. (Hint: Remove the skin from the goat first.)

Most of our weekend, however has been spent dog-sitting. More accurately, most of our weekend has been spent being people-sat by a dog named Milo, since he has much more control over our lives than we do over his. Sure, we can lock him in a closet or spray him with a water bottle, but eventually he gets his way, and he damn well knows it. For about three or four hours a day, Milo sleeps. The rest of the time, he barks, jumps, and rips fabric.

It's been educational, to say the least. When we spent a month or so with Anthony's niece and nephew in Virginia, we drove away with a much deeper understanding of what it takes to be parents, and after this weekend, we have new ideas about our plans for getting a dog. Specifically, we want a sane one.

You can just tell he's plotting something.

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