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Finally, someone wrote to us and accused us of being horrible people. Anthony replied, and a series of hilarious judgements and insults followed. Presented for your amusement, The Jerk Files.

Things we're not really doing anymore:

1. Keeping track of the miles we drive.
2. Keeping track of anything else, really.
3. Eating factory-farmed meat, if we can help it.
4. Listening to Hotel California.
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A Place of Our Own, To Rent
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Sunday, November 23, 2003 - Day 295

Who could have predicted where and how this trip would end? Both of us having experience running off to foreign lands and returning home penniless many months later, we sort of wanted to avoid a similar ending this time. Before the van ever rolled out of Brooklyn, we set aside an amount of money, The Reserve if you will, to provide a cushion and help us ease out of our nomadic lifestyle once the time was right. That time has arrived, but The Reserve…well, in hindsight, perhaps a more apt name for the Badunkadunk might have been The Reserve Sucker Upper, or The Car That Ate The Reserve. Reserve Eating Campervan, Part II.

A short history of The Reserve and how it all went down:

$$$ Earmarked For Actually Went To
$3500 Three months rent, plus deposit. New engine, transmission, clutch and related accessories.
$400 Moving stuff out of storage to new location. Work on the brakes and starter.
$600 Extra padding. Our combined weight in tools and other minor repairs.

There you go. A $5000 cushion gone in a cloud of smoke, literally, but not in the pothead sense, in the car exhaust sense. Another attempt at responsibility gone awry.

Fear not, we also had the foresight to create Backup Reserve. Whew. In fact, we just wrote a nice, fat check for the deposit and first month rent on our lovely new, view-ti-ful apartment in Seattle. We have a mailing address again. Hooray!

Now, I know what you're thinking. In our last post we said we'd keep the site going until we had a permanent address, and, if we're the kind of people who stick to plans, this should be the wrap-up. I think we all know that we are not those people. See table above.

So, here's the new plan. We'll spend the next few weeks retrieving our belongings from the East Coast and somehow transporting them to our new home. (Transportation details to come.) We've got a few surprise endings in store for this here website, so it isn't goodbye. Yet.

But it is a last call for all those questions we oh so love about what was our favorite state and what was the weirdest thing that happened, did you have sex under the car? (Someone really asked that, I swear.) So, if you've got a burning question that we didn't yet address, we might be inclined to answer it before we turn the (head)lights out. (Sorry, couldn't resist that one.) Seriously folks, we'll be posting some sort of "best of the travelinvan" web exclusive here real soon so if you have any last questions, thoughts or ideas, this is the time to speak up.

But please, no more questions about what may or may not have happened under the car. What happens under the car, stays under the car.

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