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Owings Mills, MD
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Finally, someone wrote to us and accused us of being horrible people. Anthony replied, and a series of hilarious judgements and insults followed. Presented for your amusement, The Jerk Files.

Things we're not really doing anymore:

1. Keeping track of the miles we drive.
2. Keeping track of anything else, really.
3. Eating factory-farmed meat, if we can help it.
4. Listening to Hotel California.
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History Repeating
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Tuesday, December 9, 2003 - Day 311

Misery. The Shining. Alive. Insomnia. A disturbingly high number of movies about someone going mad and hacking up another person are set in a remote place surrounded by snow. We've been captive in a one-bedroom...

Wait a minute. I think that this exact thing happened to me, just last year. In fact, I wrote that exact same first paragraph on this page on February 17, 2003 -- the 18th day of our "travels-in-van", a common pronunciation of our URL among the older-than-50 set.

If you, too, experienced dèjá vu while reading that first paragraph, it's a pretty good indication that you've been reading this website for nearly one year and, for that, we owe you a pint of Guinness.

The dèjá vu continues. Just like last February, we are again in Baltimore (this time in December), embedded at Anthony's parents' house under a heavy cover of snow. Did we really travel nearly 17,000 miles during the last 11 months just to return to where we started? Or has this whole "trip" been some sort of Truman Show/Groundhog's Day hoopla staged from a house in Owings Mills, Maryland?

Confused? Let's compare notes:

DateFebruary, 2003December, 2003
LocationOwings Mills, MDOwings Mills, MD
Why?Dealing with our stuff in storageDealing with our stuff in storage
CompanyAnthony's parents Anthony, LizAnthony's parents, Anthony, Liz
Surrounded BySnow, Trees, Cul-de-sacSnow, Trees, Cul-de-sac
ForecastMore SnowMore Snow
Dinner Last NightJamaican Shrimp w/ RiceJamaican Shrimp w/ Rice
Currently SippingEggnogEggnog

Still confused? Perhaps this short movie we made in February (or December?) will reveal the truth.

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