god bless the merciful
I Once Saw These Bumper Stickers
They say, "God Bless America" and "God May Show You Mercy, WE WILL NOT!"
It's amazing how people miss the fundamental concepts of even their own religions.
Stuff Anthony Seen

This section is all about the stuff I seen. One time, I seen a funny-lookin' cow, another time, a bumper sticker that made me cry. Here I'll list little thing I see on the road that strike my fancy, then you'll read about it, and that'll be it.

Here's the coolest part. By going here, you can sign up to receive my sightings on your cell phone or pager as a text message. Keen. (If you get some weird message that you have to be 18 or something, just register with upoc, or log in or something, and it should be ok. I have no idea why it does that sometimes and I've tried to get them to fix it with mixed results. Mixed!)

DateWhat I Seen
01/30/03 Smelly Russian guys came and took our couch. They weren't careful with it at all, they banged it into everything, and now we'll lose some of our security deposit. They smelled like a million cigarettes too, and why are all moving guys Russian?