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From: *******
To: The Turtle
Sent: Saturday, September 13, 2003 10:17 AM
Subject: Re: We liked your email until . . .

Please read this entire message, it *will* make you think. I promise.

I have a great sense of humor; if you are joking about asking for money, please forgive me. Like you I HATE to work -- but I like to take trips in my Vanagon, so I WORK. That's not being self-righteous, that's being realistic. I would personally rather give my money to, for example, poor kids in East Palo Alto, CA (a very poor part of the SF Bay Area), than to give it to you. I try to give ten percent of my income to charities, but I give it to people who cannot otherwise help themselves.

Think about it that way: the money that people give to *you* could go to someone who genuinely *cannot* work -- and they don't have the ability to put out a cool website to get that money. That is shameful. That is selfish. You could be working and donate some money to people who cannot help themselves, instead of being a drain on society. Have some pride.

I generally keep my nose out of other people's business, but I was so outraged at your selfishness and lack of compassion for others that I had to say something.

Best regards,
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