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From: The Turtle
To: ********
Sent: Saturday, September 13, 2003 11:17 AM
Subject: Re: We liked your email until . . .

What's really amazing about your diatribe is how many completely unfounded assumptions you're making. All you know about us is what you've read on our site, and yet you feel confident enough in your judgements to accuse us of being "a drain on society" and having a "lack of compassion for others". We hardly think requesting small donations, a very common practice on the web, qualifies us for such abuse.

As you've said, and we most certainly agree, it's none of your business; and we hesitate to lend any credence to your accusations by defending ourselves, but for your information we have dedicated years of our lives to volunteer work. We have donated significant amounts of money to charity, lived and worked in developing countries, and worked with non-profit groups at home. We have worked for profit as well, though we are not currently working. We make no claims that we *cannot* work. We do not present ourselves as a charity. We hope that the people who read our site are entertained, and every now and then, someone may feel like buying us a tank of gas, a donut, or some Beef Jerky. Most often people do not, and that's fine too.

Money changing hands in one way in no way prevents it from doing good. Your definition of good works is very narrow. Society is improved by all kinds of endeavors, not only by the most obvious. Whether you think so or not, the views you've shared with us *are* self-righteous. Look it up.

Enjoy your glass house,
Anthony & Liz
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