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From: *******
To: The Turtle
Sent: Sunday, September 14, 2003 11:58 AM
Subject: Re: We liked your email until . . .

So your contention is that "we have donated in the past, now it's time for the world to give back to us." That is so self-serving and selfish as to not be believed. I cannot believe I am even wasting my time in replying to someone whose values are so out of whack. It's like trying to convince an Al Queada (sp?) member that killing innocent civilians is not a good idea. It's pearls before swine.

So, since Mother Theresa did lots of good things for the poor homeles in India, she had (but fortunately didn't exercise) the right to sit on a street corner and beg? It's just that attitude that is going to ensure that there is NO social security left for us when we retire, as all of the money is being spent on wars and wasteful social programs. Your attitude is SO incredibly selfish it can only be compared to the religious fanatics of the Middle East or the Deep South: "To hell with everyone else, it's all about ME and MY cause. I will NOT contribute to society, I will take from it, I will tear it down, I will mortgage the future of my children in order to get what *I* want. Fuck everyone else. We are young, stupid and arrogant. We think we are a cute couple and that everyone loves us, but we make most people sick with our selfish self-centeredness."

Please don't write me back. I am so disgusted with you. I need to get some work done and stop wasting my time on idiots like you who are ruining our country and making the world a *worse* place in which to live.
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