Excruciating Details
This page dedicated to Marty of Marty's VW in New Milford, NJ, the cause of 90% of our rattles. We should have known something was wrong when he had his 13 year old kid climb under to grease the driveshaft.
What's That Rattle?
Adventures With A Crappy Car
(But really, we love her)

While most of what's inside of it was made in the last year or so, the Badunkadunk itself was made during the Carter administration, and, like Carter himself, is getting on in years. This page is thankfully still empty, which is good since we haven't left Brooklyn yet. The longer it stays this way, the better. Check back in a week, though, I'm sure something will have fallen off.

02/07/03 - Well, this is either an example of our uncanny ability to predict the future or of extremely bad karma. We never should have insulted the car, now we're paying for it. In a big, big way.

It seems, you see, and as you may have read, that we need a new engine. We made it barely 200 miles and then made the mistake of asking someone to look at the Badunk. Note to Volkswagon owners, this is a bad idea. It's best to just drive the things until they won't drive anymore. If you have someone look at it, of course something will be wrong, likely something serious, and then what? Much better, we think, to just drive along all oblivious-like until she just won't drive along no more. We learned this lesson the hard way. Now we know about the engine, and knowledge is not power, it turns out; knowledge is poverty.

We're taking the weekend to sit on this decision, hopefully to get a second opinion and/or estimate on Monday. Stay tuned.