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Official Sponsors

It takes a village to make a fine site like this, or if not a village, then a small community of some sort, or at least us and some of our friends and the companies we pay. Yeah, more like that. Screw the village.

So here they are, our official sponsors, in no particular order. "How can I become an official sponsor?" I hear you asking. Well, it's easy. Just do something for us that seems important and lends you to categorization as an "official" something or other. Or start a useful company whose products and/or services we might enjoy. It's just that simple.

Pair Networks
Official Web Host of Travelinvan.com. We likes Pair.
Official Sloganeer. She's like... ummm... something. See? We need her.
Official Funny Cartoons We Quote Constantly
(and source of this whole "official thing" idea)
Official Favorite Band of at least half of Travelinvan.com. Other half coming soon.
Official Cat Sitter
East Side             West Side
Official Parents
dingus and mary
Official Best Friends
(not to exclude anyone else, you know, it's just well, they're sitting right here.)